i think the cutest date would be sitting on my bedroom floor with stomachs sore from laughter, lungs left breathless, and lips warm with kisses

"Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you."

— (via fuckinq)


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we fertilize the earth with our cum & sweat


i took her hand
and we ran off
to make out in
on top of a
dead man’s unmarked

the velvet moon
smiled as i took
a snapchat of myself
cumming on her
stomach & the
dead laughed with us

then, our flesh
began to meld
with the decomposed &
desecrated earth
below our genitals



The world is full of empty individuals
Waiting to fill themselves up from the shallow well of society,
Because the rivers and lakes always seem so far.
But there are still those who are drowning in the waters of selfishness.

"You were my map,
My compass
When I was feeling lost.
My North Star that I could look to
For guidance when I needed help.
I had been traveling alone for so long
That I forgot what it was like
To find my way.
You found me in my time of need
And assisted me through the
Maze that was my mind.
You helped me navigate my way back to my own heart.
You made me find the courage to
Love myself.
But just as quick as you came,
You left.
You left me behind with a heart
Overflowing with so much love
That I am unable to function.
You left me in the middle of a place I have never been.
Helpless and lost,
My sense of direction is
Clouded by how much I miss you.
You were only with me
On my journey
For a short amount of time
But you made such an impact on my life that
I feel so lost without you.
One day I’ll find my
Way out of this dark place,
But I know it’s going to take a while
Without you there next to me."

— Annika W. (via pmamamysterious)

"the truth is,
everyone you love will inflict pain on you,
but the question is,
how deep are you willing to let them cut you?"

— p.s. (via recaer)